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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thought this would be great... Dirk Bogarde + Julie Christie + set in London & Italy in the 1960's. I didn't expect it to become my favorite film ever. It's just awesome. When I researched it I found a review from Time Out giving it 0 stars and saying it was the most rubbish thing that reviewer had ever seen - crazy how different people's tastes are.

I'm open to the fact that maybe it was the perfect film for my mood on that particular day, but I'm dying to watch it again and a little part of me is sure I have found a new favorite.

Kissing in a train carriage, cigarette in one hand, Julie Christie in the other... I think that's the definition of cool.

The wardrobe (especially for Dirk) is spot on. Slightly too short trousers, cardigan and a tie. I'm slightly obsessed, although not quite obsessed as this lady

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